Delta Origin: our services

Delta Origin Company is an experienced and qualified carrier of pharmaceutical products and drugs with a long history of work and an impeccable reputation among customers. For 10 years we have been engaged in the transportation of medicines, biological samples, substances and other products, using various solutions to maintain the temperature regime during the delivery process, develop effective logistics procedures and provide our contagents from Russia, the USA, Japan, Europe and the CIS with a full package services incl. “cold-chain” requirements. related to the delivery of thermolabile cargo in the Third Party Logistics (3PL) format.

You can get the following sampleswith our help:

If you have not found among the above what you need to deliver, contact the staff of the Delta Origin company and specify what products you need to transport.

IMPORTANT: we are not engaged in the transportation of donor organs, drugs and substances classified as drugs, as well as drugs, reagents and reagents banned in the territory of the Russian Federation!

Our services include:

1. Expeditious customs clearance of special cargo located in temporary storage warehouses at Sheremetyevo and Domodedovo airports, as well as at truck customs terminals.

It's no secret that delays and delays in this matter are the norm rather than the exception. And due to the specifics of the cargo, every minute matters. And our team is doing everything possible to ensure that the process of customs clearance of goods at customs points goes without overlaps and troubles. We regularly monitor the slightest changes in legislation, so every day we are in full readiness for any surprises.

2. Registration of shipping and import-export documents in compliance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation and international standards.

Each action and each stage is documented in accordance with all the rules, and in the contracts that we conclude with customers, the rights and obligations of both parties are spelled out in detail, so our clients never worry about the safety of the cargo and its unimpeded transportation both on the territory of the Russian Federation and for its limits.

3. Organization of delivery of goods by road and air transport from the sender to the recipient in compliance with the ”cold-chain”.

The vehicles that we use for transportation are capable of maintaining the set temperature for a long time in compliance with the "cold chain". They are equipped with climate control systems, as well as special sensors and controllers that remotely inform the person responsible for transportation of the slightest deviations from the established mode. The drivers of such vehicles undergo detailed instructions, including, among other things, training in competent actions in conditions of force majeure. Cargo tracking is carried out throughout the entire route.

4. Handling and storage of goods in warehouses that allow observing the cold-chain temperature regime.

The warehouses that we use are equipped with validated refrigeration chambers and allow for round-the-clock thermal monitoring.

5. Optimization of routes in order to reduce the time of cargo en route and minimize potential risks.

Even the transhipment carried out according to all the rules on the route from one means of delivery to another significantly increases the risk of damage to biological materials and pharmaceuticals. Therefore, the Delta Origin team is constantly working on solving problems to minimize cross-docking and maximize the share of direct traffic in their total volume.

In addition, we are ready to provide our clients with all possible assistance in the prompt receipt of letters for the import of drugs, samples and materials in the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation. And the company's competent consultants will answer in detail any questions related to the delivery, storage, customs and document processing of a specific cargo, as well as inform the client about the features of each stage and provide other consulting support.

The described range of services allows Delta Origin to achieve its main goal - to find an individual format for the most comfortable cooperation with each specific customer.