About Us


Delta Origin started out with customs clearance services. The company represented the interests of several large pharmaceutical companies in the Sheremetyevo customs (Moscow)


The company becomes a participant in foreign economic activity and receives the status of an innovative company that imports / exports scientific and technical products


In addition to customs clearance services, the company is launching an online store with a unique service for individual urgent delivery of standard samples produced by the European (EP, EDQM) and US Pharmacopoeia (USP)


The service of importing standards within a short timeframe in compliance with the temperature regime was in demand among customers. The company is actively expanding its client base. The company's customers are both representative offices of Western companies and Russian manufacturers


The company is expanding its supplier base. Since March 2014, the supply of Ukrainian Pharmacopoeia (UkP) products to customers in Russia and the Republic of Belarus begins. An agreement was reached with UkP to regularly update the database on the website of the online store www.deltastandards.ru


For the first time, the company has imported cell samples from the UK. The delivery was carried out by a direct flight from Heathrow airport to Sheremetyevo, the temperature regime (-190 ˚С) was observed throughout the entire route by minimizing the time and using special packaging (Dewar vessel)


Insulin manufacturers are beginning to actively use the company's services. Several agreements have been signed with key market players of insulin producers in the Russian Federation


Delivery of samples and materials for research work on the production of artificial blood (blood substitute for traditional donor blood) has begun


The company pays special attention to tenders and signs a number of contracts with customers under 44-FZ and 223-FZ (government purchases)


In order to comply with the delivery time of goods, qualitative indicators and relative estimates are introduced for all foreign suppliers of products. The company pays attention not only to the commercial conditions of working with suppliers, but also to the timing of the order and the timeliness of shipment


The company offers a service for customs clearance of industrial and laboratory equipment, components and spare parts for equipment. The customers are mainly pharmaceutical companies that upgrade or expand the existing production.


During the annual audit of its activities, the company had to reconsider its work with a number of foreign suppliers due to non-compliance with the terms of shipment. New supply channels were found, logistics were optimized


The company begins supplying British Pharmacopoeia (BP) reference materials


In addition to the existing base of reagent suppliers (about 500 manufacturers around the world), the company seeks to establish interaction with as many pharmacopoeias as possible. So, in the middle of 2017, the Company is establishing work with the Japanese Pharmacopoeia (JP) and carries out the first delivery of standard samples, incl. in compliance with the "cold chain" -20 C.


Moscow warehouse of the company receives ISO 9001: 2015 certificate (logistics in the field of clinical trials)