Logistics services for pharmaceutical companies

Delta Origin is a specialized logistics company (3PL * provider). Our specialization is the delivery and customs clearance of goods intended for pharmaceutical companies, scientific laboratories, research centers and other customers related to pharmaceuticals and medical products. Long-term experience in this area determines high efficiency and competence in fulfilling customer orders. Our employees have a wide arsenal of practical skills, which allows us to quickly find the right solution even in the most unusual situations. All work favorably stands out for the highest professionalism and unconditional competence of each specialist.

* from English. "3rd party logistics", providing a range of logistics services.

3PL services - what we offer

  1. A range of services for customs clearance of goods arriving at the customs warehouse of Sheremetyevo, Domodedovo airports, at the terminals of express delivery services (DHL Express, USP Express, FedEx, Russian Post, etc.), and we also deal with customs clearance of goods at truck customs
  2. Delivery on a "door-to-door" basis, air to the destination airport, auto from the supplier's warehouse in import / export mode
  3. Warehouse handling and storage of goods in compliance with the "cold-chain" (ambient, 15 / 25C, 2 / 8C, -20C, deep freeze, dry ice)
  4. Work to optimize the delivery route, reduce transport costs and minimize risks
  5. Consulting on all issues related to the delivery and customs clearance of the customer's cargo
  6. Effective assistance in obtaining import permits from the Ministry of Health

Transportation of samples. What else can we deliver

  • unregistered medicines for pharm expertise (not for sale)
  • samples of new pharmaceutical substances (API)
  • samples of original medical products
  • auxiliary substances for the production of medicines
  • biological samples
  • materials for clinical research
  • biological samples
  • wide class of reagents
  • study and comparison products
  • chemical reagents
  • laboratory kits
  • production equipment
  • laboratory equipment
  • promotional items for marketing purposes

Five significant advantages of our offer

  1. Thanks to the narrow specialization of our company, we have accumulated rich experience in the field of international logistics and customs clearance of pharmaceutical goods. We value the positive feedback from our customers and try to maintain an exemplary professional reputation in the market.
  2. Compliance with legal regulations governing the transportation of medicines, as well as international rules and requirements (GMP, GDP, GCP).
  3. Prompt customs clearance of goods of this category. Thanks to regular deliveries, we are aware of all the news. This allows us to prepare in advance for any changes in work.
  4. About 10 years of intensive work in the market for transportation and customs clearance of pharmaceutical products.
  5. Open pricing. Customer focus. A constructive approach to solving the assigned tasks. Tailor-made offers to help you optimize costs. Constant control over all stages of delivery.

ATTENTION! We are not engaged in the transportation and registration of pharmaceuticals and chemical reagents prohibited for circulation on the territory of the Russian Federation! The scope of our activity also does not include the transportation of organs and drugs.

Advantages working with us

We cooperate with cargo owners on the basis of written contracts, which clearly specify the rights and obligations of the parties, and also indicate the delivery time. Our company fulfills all its obligations in full, regardless of objective and subjective factors. You get a full amount of information describing all the working moments.

Transparent mutually beneficial relationship is the main principle of our company, capable of satisfying the needs of the most demanding customers.

“Delta Origin” is a powerful union of efficient logistics solutions and professional pedantry!